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The Academy H2O reels are manufactured by Pflueger, which is a subsidiary of the Pure Fishing company. Pflueger has been making high-quality fishing tackle for over 100 years, and their experience shows in the construction of these durable, dependable reels.

Academy H2O reels are designed and manufactured by a team of passionate anglers who understand the importance of having a great reel when out on the water. The company is based in Australia and all of their products are made to the highest standards, using only the best materials. Academy H2O reels are built to last and perform at their best, no matter what conditions you’re fishing in.

Whether you’re targeting big game fish or just enjoying a day out with friends, you can be sure that your reel will stand up to the challenge.

H2O Xpress Website

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H2O Xpress Premier Baitcast Reel Review

H2O Xpress Premier Baitcast Reel Review The H2O Xpress Premier baitcast reel is a top-of-the-line reel that’s built for serious anglers. It features a smooth, powerful drag system that can handle big fish, and it has a robust construction that will stand up to years of use.

The Premier also has a large spool capacity, so you can fish with heavier line and bigger lures. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line baitcast reel, the H2O Xpress Premier should be at the top of your list.

H2O Xpress Premier Baitcast Reel Manual

The H2O Xpress Premier baitcast reel is one of the most popular reels on the market. It is known for its quality construction and smooth operation. This reel is perfect for anglers of all levels of experience, from beginner to expert.

The Premier baitcast reel features a six-bearing system that ensures smoothness and durability. It also has a comfortable ergonomic handle that provides a firm grip even when wet. The drag system on this reel is adjustable, so you can fish in any conditions.

The H2O Xpress Premier baitcast reel comes with a one-year warranty, so you can be confident in its quality.

H2O Xpress Mettle Reel

If you’re an angler, then you know that having a good reel is essential to a successful fishing trip. The H2O Xpress Mettle Reel is one of the best on the market, and it’s perfect for both novice and experienced fishermen alike. Here’s what you need to know about this top-of-the-line reel.

The H2O Xpress Mettle Reel is a high-quality, durable reel that’s built to last. It features a corrosion-resistant construction, so it can stand up to saltwater fishing conditions. Additionally, the reel has a smooth drag system that provides consistent performance cast after cast.

Plus, it comes with a spare spool for easy line changes when needed. Whether you’re trolling for big game fish or casting for smaller trout, the H2O Xpress Mettle Reel can handle it all. It’s one of the most versatile reels on the market, and it’s sure to help you land more fish than ever before.

So if you’re looking for a top-notch reel that won’t let you down, be sure to check out the H2O Xpress Mettle Reel – it just might be your new go-to choice for all your fishing needs!

H2O Xpress Mettle Baitcast Reel

The H2O Xpress Mettle baitcast reel is a great choice for anglers who want a versatile, high-performance reel at an affordable price. This reel features a robust construction with a strong aluminum frame and graphite sideplates, making it capable of handle big fish with ease. The five-bearing system ensures smooth operation and the adjustable magnetic cast control gives you precise control over your casts.

The large spool capacity means you can fish all day without having to worry about line management, and the convenient thumb bar makes it easy to engage the reel when you need to set the hook. Whether you’re targeting bass, walleye, or pike, the Mettle baitcast reel is up to the challenge.

Who Makes Academy H2O Reels
Who Makes Academy H2O Reels | Manufacturer of Academy H2O Reels 2023 2

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Who Makes Academy Rods?

Academy is a brand name of rods and other fishing equipment owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods. The company that makes Academy rods is St. Croix Rods, which is based in Park Falls, Wisconsin.

Is H20 a Good Fishing Brand?

There is a lot of debate among anglers about what the best fishing brand is. Some say that H20 is one of the best, while others believe that there are better options out there. So, what is the truth?

Is H20 a good fishing brand? It really depends on what you are looking for in a fishing brand. If you are looking for high-quality, durable products, then H20 is definitely worth considering.

Their products are built to last and can withstand even the harshest conditions. However, if you are looking for the cheapest possible option, then H20 may not be the best choice. their products are priced at the higher end of the spectrum and may not be within everyone’s budget.

ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. If you like H20 products and feel that they offer good value for money, then stick with them. However, if you prefer another brand or simply want to save some money, then there are plenty of other options available.

Who Owns H2O Xpress?

H2O Xpress is a bottled water company based in the United States. The company was founded in 2009 by two entrepreneurs, Michael J. Shure and Gregory T. Long. H2O Xpress is a privately held company owned by Shure and Long.

The company’s headquarters are located in Tampa, Florida. H2O Xpress bottles and distributes spring water sourced from an underground aquifer in central Florida. The water is filtered and purified using a multi-stage filtration process before it is bottled at the source.

H2O Xpress bottles its water in BPA-free plastic bottles of various sizes including 8oz, 16oz, 24oz, 1 liter, and 2 liter bottles. The company sells its water products through grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, office buildings, schools and universities, hotels and resorts, hospitals and healthcare facilities, fitness centers and gyms, restaurants and food service businesses, government agencies and military bases. H2O Xpress also offers a home and office delivery service for customers who live or work within its delivery area in the Tampa Bay region of Florida.

Who Manufactures Daiwa Reels?

Daiwa is a Japanese manufacturer of fishing reels and rods. The company was founded in 1958 by Hiromichi Tanaka, and it has its headquarters in Osaka, Japan. Daiwa produces a wide range of fishing products, including lines, lures, and other tackle.

It also manufactures golf clubs and tennis rackets. Daiwa’s primary market is Japan, but it also exports to other countries around the world.

Shocked by these Affordable Academy Fishing Reels! H2O Express: Mettle, Ethos and Tac40


After reading this blog post, it is evident that Academy H2O reels are made by a company that cares about its customers. They offer a variety of different reel options to suit the needs of any angler, and they stand behind their products with a warranty. With so many companies out there today, it is refreshing to see one that still puts the customer first.

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