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There are many places to catch crawfish in Florida. Some of the most popular spots include the Apalachicola River, Lake Okeechobee, and the Everglades. Crawfish can also be found in many of the smaller lakes and streams throughout the state.

Crawfish season is upon us in Florida and that means it’s time to start thinking about where to catch these tasty little critters. Here are a few of our favorite spots for crawfish harvesting in the Sunshine State: 1. Lake Okeechobee – This massive lake is one of the best places in Florida for catching crawfish.

There are plenty of areas to fish from shore or by boat, and the mudflats around the lake are prime real estate for crawfish trapping. 2. Apalachicola River – This river runs through some of the most beautiful parts of Florida, and it’s also home to a healthy population of crawfish. The river is ideal for wading and kayaking, making it easy to access all the best fishing spots.

3. St Marks National Wildlife Refuge – This refuge is located on the Gulf Coast and offers ample opportunity for saltwater fishing. In addition to being a great place to catch redfish, trout, and other saltwater species, the refuge also supports a healthy population of Crawfish. There are numerous ponds and waterways to explore, so you’re sure to find a spot that’s perfect for crawfishing.

4. Suwannee River – The Suwannee River is another great option for freshwater fishing in Florida. This river flows through some picturesque scenery, including cypress swamps and limestone cliffs. It’s also home to a large number of Crawfish, making it an excellent place to fill your creel (or your belly).

5 . Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park – This state park is located in North Central Florida and offers visitors 3 different ecosystems to explore including prairies, wetlands, and forests . The park also has several lakes which make great spots for Crawfish trapping .

Be sure to check out Lake Wauberg while you’re there- it’s one of our favorites!

Where to Catch Crawfish near Me

Looking for a place to catch crawfish near you? Here are some great spots to check out: 1. Cajun Crawfish Company – This company offers both live and boiled crawfish, so you can choose how you want your seafood feast!

They have locations in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, so definitely check them out if you’re in the area. 2. Tony’s Seafood – Another great option for seafood lovers in Louisiana! Tony’s Seafood has been serving up fresh catches for over 40 years, so you know they know their stuff.

They have several locations around the state, so finding one shouldn’t be too difficult. 3. The Boil Box – Last but not least is The Boil Box, which is a food truck that specializes in boiled crawfish! They’re based in Houston but travel all over Texas, so keep an eye out for them if you’re ever in the Lone Star State.

Florida Crawfish Season

It’s that time of year again! The Florida Crawfish Season is upon us, and we could not be more excited. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this delicious seafood, crawfish are a type of freshwater lobster that is typically found in the southern United States.

And while they may be small in size, they pack a big flavor punch! Here in Florida, our crawfish season runs from late February through early May. During this time, these little critters are at their peak of freshness and flavor.

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some during this time, you’re in for a real treat! There are many different ways to enjoy crawfish. One of our favorites is simply boiled with some Old Bay seasoning.

But no matter how you choose to eat them, we guarantee you’ll be hooked on these delicious little creatures once you try them!

Florida Crayfish Species

There are over 200 species of crayfish in Florida. The most common crayfish in Florida is the red swamp crayfish, which is also the most popular type of bait for fishing. Other common crayfish species include the white river crayfish, blue crab, and stone crab.

Crayfish are an important part of the ecosystem in Florida. They help to control populations of aquatic insects and their larvae, which can become pests if left unchecked. Crayfish are also a food source for many fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.

humans have been harvesting crayfish for food since prehistoric times and they continue to be a popular seafood dish today. In addition to being eaten whole, crayfish meat is often used as an ingredient in soups, stews, gumbos, and etouffees.

Crawfish Florida Restaurant

Crawfish Florida Restaurant is one of the most popular seafood places in town. It’s not only a great spot for dinner, but also a perfect place to enjoy live music and watch the sunset. The restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood dishes, as well as burgers and sandwiches for those who don’t want seafood.

There is also a full bar, so you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail while you wait for your food.

Black Creek Crayfish

If you’re looking for a delicious seafood dinner option, why not try black creek crayfish? This type of crayfish is native to North America and can be found in streams and rivers throughout the eastern United States. Black creek crayfish are typically smaller than other types of crayfish, but they make up for it with their sweet, succulent flavor.

When preparing black creek crayfish, the first step is to remove the claws. Next, gently boil the crayfish in water for 3-5 minutes. Be careful not to overcook them – you don’t want them to be rubbery!

Once they’re cooked, you can enjoy them as-is or add them to your favorite recipe. Whether you’re a seafood lover or just looking for something new to try, give black creek crayfish a chance – you won’t be disappointed!

Where to Catch Crawfish in Florida
Where to Catch Crawfish in Florida | Best Locations 2023 2

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Where in Florida Can You Catch Crawfish?

If you’re in the mood for some delicious crawfish, Florida is the perfect place to be! There are many different spots throughout the state where you can catch these little critters. Here are just a few of the best places to check out:

1. Apalachicola River – This river is located in northwestern Florida and is one of the best places to find crawfish. The cooler waters make for ideal crawfish habitat and there are plenty of areas to fish from along the river. 2. Suwannee River – The Suwannee River runs through north-central Florida and is another great spot for catching crawfish.

The river’s dark waters make it easy for crawfish to hide, so be sure to look in all the nooks and crannies! 3. Lake Okeechobee – This massive lake in south-central Florida is home to millions of pounds of Crawfish each year. There are many different spots around the lake where you can try your luck at catching some yourself.

4. Daytona Beach – Believe it or not, you can also find crawfish right off of Daytona Beach! These crustaceans often wash up onto shore after being caught in the surf, so keep your eyes peeled when you’re walking along the beach. Whether you’re looking for a fun fishing adventure or just want to enjoy some good seafood, be sure to check out one of these great spots for catching crawfish in Florida!

Is It Legal to Catch Crawfish in Florida?

Yes, it is legal to catch crawfish in Florida. The state of Florida has a variety of laws and regulations in place regarding the trapping and catching of crawfish. These laws are designed to protect both the crawfish population and the environment.

In order to trap or fish for crawfish in Florida, you must have a valid fishing license. There are also size limits in place for caught crawfish, as well as possession limits. It is important to be familiar with these laws before heading out to catch Crawfish in Florida.

Where is the Best Place to Find Crawfish?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the best place to find crawfish can vary depending on a number of factors. Some of the things that can affect where the best place to find crawfish is include the time of year, the weather, and the location. In general, crawfish are most active and easy to catch in late spring and early summer when they are mating and spawning.

However, they can be found in other seasons as well if conditions are right. The weather plays a big role in determining where crawfish will be and whether or not they will be active. If it has been warm for a prolonged period of time, then there is a good chance that you will be able to find them in shallower water near vegetation.

On the other hand, if it has been cold or if there has been recent rainfall, then they are likely to be hiding in deeper water where it is more protected from the elements. The location also plays a role in finding crawfish. If you live near a body of water that is known to have them, then your chances of success are much higher than someone who lives further away from such an area.

Additionally, certain types of bait are more likely to attract crawfish than others so knowing what kind of bait works best in your area can also increase your chances of catching them.

What Time of Year is Best to Catch Crawfish?

There is no definitive answer to this question as crawfish can be found in waters all year round. However, some experts believe that the best time to catch them is during the spring months, when they are most active. This is also the time when their shells are at their most colorful and vibrant.

Catching Crawfish In Orlando Florida (Catch & cook) I Ate The Whole Crawfish!!!


If you’re looking for a delicious seafood dinner and live in Florida, then you should definitely try catching some crawfish! They can be found in many different waterways throughout the state, so there’s sure to be a spot near you where you can snag some. Just make sure to get a fishing license first and follow all of the regulations, so that you can have a fun and safe experience while enjoying the great outdoors.

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